Finished Fundamentals not showing completion star anymore

Just a weird thing I noticed, but even though I’ve finished all lessons in “Fundamentals” and all “Practice” lessons (except for the Hoppy game which can’t be completed) I can not seem to get the completion star next to “Fundamentals” in the menu anymore.

Same bug here…

Hey there, thanks for flagging!

We’ve just fixed this problem on our end, and the fix will go into our next update (which should go out early next week).

Thanks for your patience!

i have finished the fundamentals course 100% but no star . Am i missing something .

Hey there, I moved your post into this thread. We’ve fixed the issue, and you’ll be able to get the fix in our next update (which you can expect next week).


Thank you I thought I have not done it well.

Thank you so much for your help . one more step closer to become an Android developer.

Scaria Jacob

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