Finding square root of a number

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I wanted to know if there is any way to find a square root of a number. I didn’t find any keyword regarding it.

Thanks in advance.

// Rohit Elamurugan

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Ummm I dont know but i learned it in 5th grade

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I found a way to create a square root! Because math.sqrt doesn’t work in grasshopper, I created a different function.

function sqrt(x) {
    return x**0.5;

See if this works for you.
-Friidays :blush:

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And by the way, the numberGoesHere part can be filled with whatever number you’d like. :hugs:

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Oops, My bad! Math.sqrt does work in grasshopper, it just needs to be capitalized. If you want to print out a square root, the simpler way is to do it this way:


Of course, you could also use the function, but this is quicker and easier.
-Friidays :grin:

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