Final Ascend can not be finalized unless

Difficulty at placing element === ‘rope’ in test ( ) without yhe hidden code placing an apostrophe at the beginning in the ( ) for if …ekse in the Final Ascend, this can not pass the level. Starting to think that it is a big placed to get me like into the forum so can learn to ask for help…Need help. Using phone, and when I put chose element from the menu, and then choose string key board, it erases the word element, and when I first choose the keyboard. There are quotation marks _ apostrophe at the beginning, that I can’t erase. So there!:wink:

Danke Uuuuuu

Hi there,

Looks like everything inside the parentheses () of the if statement was entered as a single string.

To fix, delete 'element === rope'. Then, tap inside the parentheses of the if statement, if(__), and select the element key from the coding keyboard. Then, select the === key. Finally, select the str key and type rope.

Once you make those changes, your if statement will be making the correct comparison - checking if the value of the element variable is equal to the string 'rope'.

Hope this helps!

Hi there,
Yes I figured that wd work, however there is no === in the select options. When i pick element, then press are it erases element and outs back the undeletable quotation marks. So, since I got stuck, I downloaded sololearn and BUNCH of other apps to learn from and gave up on grasshopper at the time being.

Thank you for accommodation. :wink:

Hmm, sounds like it could be a bug. If it’s not too much trouble, could you submit a bug report by tapping to the 3 dot menu while inside the lesson and selecting “Send Feedback”.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Hope you get a chance to give Grasshopper another try sometime soon. In the meantime, happy coding!


I did that before I posted it on the forum.
Thanks again for your help.:wink: