Estonian Flag Shortcuts explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Create the Estonian flag with one line of code.

Walkthrough of the solution: When there is a space in the string given to drawBoxes(), it will create a newLine().

Inside of the parentheses of drawBoxes() you need to edit the string. drawBoxes() will look at each character in its string: if it’s a letter, draw a box with the color that letter stands for; if it’s a space, go to a new line. So, drawBoxes('g g') is the same as


To draw the Estonian flag, you need 9 boxes: blue, blue blue, new line, ebony, ebony, ebony, new line, then white, white, white. That means the string that goes inside of drawBoxes() is 'bbb eee www'.
Sample code solution:
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drawBoxes('bbb eee www');

JavaScript Concepts: Calling Functions, Identifiers
Grasshopper Concepts: drawBoxes()


drawBox(bbb kkk www); was incorret?

It should be eee not kkk.


Ok sir thanks thanks sir well help from you

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Also for some of the puzzle even if you get it right(the solution code matching btw) if will decline and treat you answer or rather code as wrong input

Other than that I love the app

I typed one space between but the app is saying I typed more

I’m also having this problem,
When I get it right it says it’s wrong?

Any solutions?

In checker board coding they use black colour as k why we use in this flag black colour as e what is correct code for black colour ? Please tell me sir

May I please what’s the difference between k (for key) and e (for ebony)? Are they both representing the color black? Thank you ahead.

thanks it will help me