Error? Keeps choosing yes


It keeps rolling ‘yes’ in the test, so the second if statement never gets chosen. Wouldnt let me progress, so I had to reveal the answer (which was the same as I wrote) and move on to a different puzzle.

I didnt get to screenshot my test window but it just loaded the ‘yes’ response

If you cant see the screenshot please let me know, and Ill upload it elsewhere or just write the post in more detail.

Hey there,

I can’t see the screenshot, but I think I have a sense of what’s going on.

The completion logic for the puzzles only check the code itself, not whether or not the if statements actually run. This means that if the puzzle isn’t completing, there is likely an issue with the code itself.

If you see a feedback message, take a look at what the message is saying, as it usually contains more detailed instructions. You can also try finding the Puzzle Explainer thread for the puzzle and looking at the solution code.

Hope this helps!

Hello, I’m so sorry for the late reply.

I’ve attached the screenshot here. I believe the code was really simple (it’s been a while), and all I had to do was type in “yes” and “no” or something similar.

When I revealed the solution, it was the exact same code and I wasn’t sure what went wrong. Since I only changed the areas I was instructed to change and those areas were the same as in the revealed code.

Sorry if it’s something super simple!


It looks like there’s a space in front of the ‘n’ in ‘no’. The if statement is checking for an exact match, and 'no' is not exactly the same as ' no'. If you remove the space the puzzle will complete.


Hello Ben,

Yes there is definitely a space in that string. It seems like I just couldnt see the space because of my cruddy eyesight.

I apologize for taking up your time.

Have a good day :wave: