Error 403 Grasshopper Age limitation?

Hi Community,

Please can anyone let me know which is the minimum age to access Grasshopper I want to implement in my school from Year 7 up to Year 12 (11 to 17 years old) and when my students try to access they get a 403 error.


David A.

Hey @David_Alvarez1,

At this time, Google Edu accounts are not able to access Grasshopper. As we work to address this issue, there are a couple of workarounds for your students to continue using Grasshopper:

  • Have students access Grasshopper using non-Google Edu accounts
  • Using the mobile application, have students sign in anonymously by clicking the button labeled “Start Without Signing In”


Hi, @Heather, I have tried to contact you but can’t, please help me​:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

I’ve confirmed that the error is not due the GSuite for education is due the age limitation, I’ve tried with a fake account but with 18 years old setting and it works.