Enhanced sharing options


I want to be able to share code (especially animations I create in Code Playground) via a link with those not on Grasshopper so that they can see my code as well as test the animations created with it. Something similar to codepen. Is this feature available?


Hey there, love the idea!

We are currently experimenting with a GIF-sharing feature that will allow our users to share the cool animations they come up with, though this won’t share the code itself.

This new feature is currently rolled out to a randomized 50% of users on the newest release of Grasshopper, 2.20 (which is only released to Android right now, iOS users will unfortunately have to wait a week or two).

You can see this feature in the Code Playground, by tapping the share icon in the top-right of the code output area. It should say “GIF” beneath the share icon. If it doesn’t, you can try logging out and back in, as the randomized experiments are determined at login.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Ben.
I tried this quite a few times after updating to the latest version and logging in each time. However I never got the gif sharing option which perhaps means randomness is not on my side just yet. Will keep trying.