Discrepancy Between App and Browser

Good day,

I most often use a desktop browser for grasshopper coding and I came across two issues between the app and browser versions, the first being somewhat major, and the second being slightly less so.

Issue 1

While on the lesson “Ahead Of Your Time” in the Animations Project under the SVG: Positions heading. I noticed that half my clock in the ‘Example Solution’ and in "Your Solution’ seemed to be missing with no way to expand the the right sidebar to see the full image.

So I went ahead and referenced it against the App version, and not at all to my surprise, the full clock images where there.

This to me seems like a large oversight that would be beneficial to correct promptly. Possibly by giving the option to adjust the size (left and right) of the right sidebar where the solutions appear in.

Amendment: It seems like (while I have yet to complete them all) that this issue may extend to all animations projects on the web version as I moved on to “Robot Repair” with the same issue.

Issue 2

In Animations under the SVG: Positions lessons, there was one part that I felt wasn’t explained so I just recently made a post about it here: Look to the Left explainer

Shortly after, when I was finding out about ‘Issue 1’ above. I found an additional “lesson” on the app that is not including on the browser version that would have answered my question.

Browser Lesson List:

App Lesson List:

As you can see, in the app there is a “Lesson” called 'Changed SVG Position that is missing in the web version. And that Lesson contained the following information which would have directly answered the question I made the initial post about:

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that it is not just this one instance where this information is lacking from the browser experience. It seems most(if not all) “Starred” lessons in the app contain valuable information that is not presented in the web version.

I do hope some of these differences can be patched as soon as possible as I vary much prefer to code on my desktop instead of my phone.

Keep up the hard work!

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Or is their at least a temporary workaround that would work for “Issue 1”? I really want to continue this course but I quite dislike using my phone to do it…

My freind can i ask you question

Of course! Go ahead!

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