D3 Library Help

I want to use the D3 library to create a rainbow.
Is there a specific way to do this?

I’m asking, because I’m stuck and not sure what to do. :confused:
I then want to embed it on my website.
<iframe width="350px" height="350px" frameborder="0px" style="border: 0px" src="http://www.coding.dillonbarnes.co.uk"> </iframe>
If you run that code or go to Coding.dillonbarnes.co.uk you can see my website. The code is HTML.

Hey there, in your website, you can link to the D3 library in the <head> section, like this:

    <title>My website</title>
    <script src="https://d3js.org/d3.v5.min.js"></script>

Thanks for the help @Grasshopper Ben!

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