Concern I noticed early on

I like the app it makes for a great refresher.

However i have one concern.
There is an old Chinese proverb that says.
I hear I forget
I see I remember
I do I understand.

Many of your things state what something does very well, but then only ask the participant to change a single value or variable rather than interact with the command being taught. This stood out to me in the loop example with the word grasshopper. Nothing said that it would take each letter in a string individually so i was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to break it down.

That was me just over thinking things. But the actual solution was type the word grasshopper. This shows a loop working but does not have you useing a loop.

Again, the app is great. But i feel in its current state it is more of a refresher tool than a teaching one.

I agree. I noticed this too, and while I loved how at times they would have an example (like another function) that you could follow along with, I wish they would show you one example or walk you step by step through building the code they were teaching you instead of building the variable while learning about methods.

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Hey there, thanks for your feedback. I am looking at the puzzle you are referring to and I agree that the lesson could provide more of an explanation of how for loops operate. We’ll take a look and see what improvements can be made.

In our curriculum, we try to balance the needs of users with a wide array of learning styles. Some users may prefer to learn a new concept by seeing it in action first, and then later taking a more active role. Others may prefer a more hands-on approach right away.

If you see something in a lesson that you’d like more practice playing around with, I suggest you visit out Code Playground feature, which you can access via the main menu at the top-left corner of the app. There you can explore new concepts a bit further, without a feedback system guiding you to a specific solution.

Hope this helps!

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