Color Keeper explainer

Aim of the puzzle: Use the let keyword to set the value of a variable inside a for loop.
Walk through of solution: On the first line of the puzzle, you will see that a variable named color has been declared with the var keyword, and assigned the value 'yellow'. On the next line, the drawBox() function is called, taking color as an argument.

On the third line, there is a for loop. In the parentheses ( ) of the for loop, another variable named color is declared, this time with the let keyword. It is assigned to an array containing two elements: ['blue', 'green']. This means that the for loop will run twice (once for each element). For the first loop, let color = 'blue', and in the second loop, let color = 'green'.

The code block { } of the for loop has been left empty.

To complete the puzzle, call the function drawBox() inside the code block { } of the for loop, and give it the variable color as an argument.

When you run the finished puzzle, color is declared with the keyword var and given the value 'yellow'. A yellow box will be drawn. Inside the for loop, a second variable color is declared with the keyword let. Because this variable has been declared with let, it exists only inside the for loop. In programming, this is called “scope”. The let color variable is “scoped” to the for loop.

When drawBox(color) is called inside the for loop, it will look for the let color variable, because this variable is “scoped” to the for loop. When drawBox() is called outside with for loop, the program will only be able to see the var color variable.

Sample code solution:

var color = 'yellow';

for (let color of ['blue', 'green']) {


Javascript Concepts: For Loop, Variable Declarations, Variable Scope, Arrays, Identifiers
Grasshopper Concepts: drawBox()


why does here the var color =‘yellow’ drawbox(color), draws two boxes at the first and at the last?


what the heck is this puzzle.
pls anyone help me understand it. :sob:



thx for helping me out on this puzzle

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thanks for this help on color keeper

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i am unable to run this code …
it shows “The starter code has been modified or removed. Use the “reset” button to reset the puzzle.” when i runned this code

var color = 'yellow';

for (let color of [

]) {

I couldn’t get this for the life of me. So, I called Var color yellow or something and set up draw box Command that worked to give me the same pattern
See photo.
Something like
Draw color
Draw blue
Draw green
Draw color…
It worked but completely loses the point of the lesson.

Ummm, why does the for…of statement have a var instead of a let?

Hi :wave: @SudhanshuChoudhary. I prefer you to go through the solution of this puzzle :jigsaw: and try another one :point_up:. Hope this was helpful.

Here is the solution for this puzzle. Please go through this screenshot. image|375x500

this makes no sense
can someone help me

I still don’t know a lot of stuff in here. I know what each in everything does, but I don’t know the purpose.

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why is the let key not inside the coding block {} ???

same with me dude I am so confused🤔

i did what it said to already it wont work i even viewed the sample

Thank you! This is so hepful.

I Did It But It Didnt Work

i dont understand that