Coffee Shop explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Add Jasmine’s order to the orders array.
Walkthrough of the solution: An empty array called orders is created. Then a variable called sally is created that is assigned the value ‘cappuccino’. Then the variable sally is “pushed” to the orders array (added to the end), but since it was empty, it’s just the only item in the array. The first thing you want to do is save jasmine’s ‘latte’ order in a new variable called jasmine. Then you can add the order to the orders array using orders.push(jasmine); The print() command should come at the end, after everybody’s order has been put in the list.
Sample code solution:
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var orders=[];
var sally = 'cappuccino';
var jasmine = 'latte';

JavaScript Concepts: Calling Functions, Data Structures (arrays), Identifiers, Variable Declaration