Coding styles could use a change

I’ve noticed on my Galaxy S8 that the coding that appears on my phone is a lot different then when I look at the website for help.

The first image is how the code looks on the grasshopper app on my phone.

The second is how the code looks on the website.

By default I believe the second image is easier to read and would have this by the default way I would write the code.

The way it’s written in the the app is confusing to say the least.

Please add an option where this could be the default or charged to the default.

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Hey @Ben,

Thanks for this feedback! It’s something we’ve considered before but have been cautious to implement based on the need to scroll so much. But your feedback helps up priortize these issues again.

H :slight_smile:

The scrolling is there anyway. More scrolling won’t hurt, me at least. We can already collapse the solution windows decreasing the amount of scrolling. I just think an option to change it would be nice. Let the people choose!

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