Climbing the mountain problem

Hi there, i dont know if there is another post about it, but there is an issue in one rather easy problem three steps before the final problem in that mountain part of the course thats about adding, when i try to add + 455 to the variable elevation it simply doesnt add, i try to simply change the variable but then the program “suggested” that i should add instead of directly declaring the variable…
So now i’m really stuck in that problem, please help!!

Hi @yuri_abrahan_castro and welcome to the forum!

Could you please post a screenshot of your code and your error? And I will be able to help you easily. If you can’t then try posting your code in a code block.



Actually, when i try doing it this way it shows the proper number but it’s not the way to solve the problem!


@Pummarin_The_gamer you there mate?

I’ve tried changing the language and reseting the progress but the problem is still there and i can’t go on with the lessons, someone help me please!!

Hi @yuri_abrahan_castro!

You are 99% way out there. Just one small issue.

In line 2, you’re adding elevation with 455 but that variable’s new value does not saved to elevation variable so its value stay the same, 100.

In line 2, Instead of this:

elevation + 455;

Change it with this:

elevation = elevation + 455;

Hope this helps!