Can't exit Hoppy Grace

Hoppy Grace game won’t show Continue on my mobile phone. Forum entries related to this issue indicate that I need to take a screen shot and post it to a forum. Responses to questions about how to do these tasks seem to indicate that solutions were merged into the Hoppy Grace explainer, but I don’t see any mention of these problems in the explainer. I am using a mobile Android phone to run the Grasshopper app.

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Hey there, there actually isn’t an end/solution, as it’s not a puzzle like our other content. In theory, it’s possible to play the game forever!


How many words are there if you have words=true?

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Sorry, I’ve slept since then and I can’t get back to the problem. All I remember is that I had to close & reopen the app in order to get past that game. There was nothing I could do to advance to the next section; there was no button to click on, nothing.

Also, I wish there was some way to go back and review sections on subjects that I don’t remember well & want a refresher.