Cannot proceed, no submit button on quiz

This is the quiz after broken button blues in the animation sequence.

It’s definitely a bug. It’s the sliver of a green button at the bottom. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Derek_Ellison,

This is a bug we are actively working on fixing! @mysteryguy3039 is right, if you tap on the narrow green bar at the bottom you can select your answer.

H :slight_smile:

Hey @Grasshopper_Heather,

I am having the same issue, except no sliver of green. I have no way to submit the check answer.

Same here, Samsung Android based mobile. Updated the app yesterday. Is anybody still working on this?

Hey @rob,

We implemented a partial fix last week that resolved this issue for some users, but not all. We’re actively working on a complete fix that should be available next week.

Sorry you’ve hit up against this problem, and thanks so much for flagging it!

H :slight_smile:

Hello @Grasshopper_Heather, I got it to work by just decreasing the text size on my iPhone 5s. May work for others with the same problem.
Thank you,


Thanks for this wonderful input, worked for me (using the app on pixel2). Wish I had thought of it!

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Same issue. Iphone 6s.

Do you know if you’re using the newest version of the app?

Could you send a bug report through the app?

  1. Open a puzzle
  2. Tap the 3 dots in the top right
  3. Send Feedback
  4. Report a Problem
  5. Next arrow in top right
  6. Select the little box with a camera at the bottom to “Take a Screenshot”
  7. Go to the Quiz that isn’t working
  8. Press the Screenshot button at the bottom
  9. Send the report