Callbacks in Code Playground

Hey there.

Is it possible to create a callback function in the Code Playground? Say I want to create a button that when clicked logs something to the console, or changes another object other than itself. Is that possible? I’ve already tried an Arrow Function, it didn’t work.

Yep it’s possible there

Hello, thanks for replying. How do I do it? I don’t see the option to insert a function with no parenthesis. Once I’ve declared the function there’s no option to insert it as a a callback of another function. I hope I’m being clear enough.

It should be possible, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It would make the snippets much more interactive…

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Actually some options I forgot as I finished this course a long time ago with hundreds of playgrounds, and now my exams are going on as I am in class 7, and there is a time difference between every country and I am from India so I check grasshopper support forum early in the morning, now here it is 6 am, so I need a little time to figure out your doubt