Bug / misspell a helptext

Seems to me there is a space mission between the name Johnny and appeased in the blue box.

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Hey @Hans_Biasi,

Thanks for posting this! You are totally right, and I’m working on fixing this now.

H :slight_smile:

Hello! I spotted a possible mistake in the help text pictured in the screenshot. The .slice(1,3) should print out apples and carrots, if I’m not completely wrong…?

Hey there,

The .slice() method is used to copy a portion of an array.

The 1st argument is an index where the .slice() method should start copying, and the 2nd argument is an index where it should stop (the element at this index is not included in the copy).

In this example, the copy begins at index 1 ('apples'), and stops at index 3 ('carrots'). Therefore the new array looks like ['apples', 'bananas'].

Hope this helps!