Blast Off! explainer

The aim of this puzzle: To count down from 5 to 1.
Walkthrough of the solution: This puzzle uses a function called range that creates an array, the for loop then iterates through the array and can ‘countdown’ to a blast off. The function range takes two arguments (or sometimes called parameters); the first argument is the number where the countdown should start and the second argument is where the countdown should finish. For example, range(3,0) will countdown from 3 to 0. So, to create the countdown you’ll need to create a for loop and inside the condition () of the for loop have it iterate through a range set to count from 5 to 1. Then, inside the block of the for loop {} print out element. Finally, make sure you print ‘Blast off!’ at the end.
Sample code solution:
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for (var element of range(5, 1)) {
print('Blast Off!');

JavaScript Concepts: Code Block (for loop), Calling Functions, Identifiers, Loops, Variable Declaration
Grasshopper Concepts: range(), print()