Biggest missing feature: cut/paste

I realize that you are trying to get people to actually learn code, but there is a large chunk of these exercises that could be made quicker by cut and pasting.

I am not saying calling it a stackoverflow section, but having it available early on would really speed up coding on a phone.

Love what you have done so far. Recommendations for next steps:
Allow users to submit challenges, like “have your screen look like this at the end” and allow people to solve them for points. Maybe needs moderation though.

Can’t wait to see what you guys do next.


Hey @GoNINzo,

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve considered (and are still figuring out) the best way to allow users to easily code on their phone, and one element we know we’re missing is copy and paste — so thanks for flagging this request, it helps us priortize!

And I love the idea of user generated puzzles, we might be a bit away from that yet but definitely something that would be fun to create!

H :slight_smile:

Hi @GoNINzo,

In a learning environment like this, sometimes you want to not allow copy-n-paste, so that the students will more thoroughly understand the nice time-saving feature you introduce in the next lesson.