Big Words explainer

Aim of the puzzle: Edit the text in an HTML tag
Walk through of solution: In this puzzle, you’ll use HTML to change the text on a webpage.
HTML uses tags to create and structure HTML elements.

Tags are opened and closed. An opening tag uses angle brackets with the name of the tag, for example <h1>. A closing tag has a forward slash after the first angle bracket.

For example, the following HTML code creates a large heading that says “Welcome”:


In HTML, tags are nested inside other tags. The top-level tag that surrounds all of the HTML is the <html> tag. Next, the <body> tag surrounds with body, or the visible content, of a webpage.

To complete this puzzle, change the text inside the <h1> tag to something else.

Sample code solution:

        <h1>something else</h1>

HTML Concepts: <h1> Heading Tag, HTML Elements, Tags, Body

done, and clicked on run code but nothing is happening.

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This can happen if a slow internet connection prevents all of the site’s code from downloading properly. We’re working on optimizing the site to improve performance on slow connections, but for now, try refreshing the page to restart the download.

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okay. Thanks.
You’re right; I reloaded the page and it worked perfectly.
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I have been stuck for the past hour on the Big Word puzzle, i feel it’s not the internet issue because i have been refreshing my page in the mean time any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Ok, don’t bother… it worked.

I signed out, closed Window, opened again and signed in.
Then it worked.