Better Stripes explainer

The aim of this puzzle: To edit the string to have 6 words with the pattern — “b_tt_r” — where the first and second blanks are the same letter.
Walkthrough of the solution: For drawBoxes(), every letter has a color assigned to it: 'b' is 'blue', 'r' is 'red'. drawBoxes() turns each letter of the string you give it into a drawBox command. So, drawBoxes('ry') is the same as drawBox('red'); drawBox('yellow'). If there is a space in the string, it turns into a newLine() command. This puzzle asks you to make 6 rows that are all 6 boxes wide. And each row should start with a blue box, end with a red box, and have two teal boxes in the middles. The 2nd and 4th box can be whatever color you choose as long as they are the same in that row. That means you can use 'battar', 'bbttbr', 'bcttcr', 'bdttdr', etc. as long as you have 6 of these words with a space in between them, all in one string. Then you put that string into drawBoxes();
Sample code solution:

drawBoxes(‘Byttyr Bottor better buttur bittir battar’);

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