"Bananas" Error?

I might be completely stupid here, but doesn’t this question not even list the correct answer, so no matter what you choose, you get it wrong?

Because I’m “new,” I was only allowed to post one image(??), so here’s the rest of the context.

I think the 3rd option is correct

I believe the third option is correct here, 6 yellow bananas. The second option that was originally selected will not pass the first IF statement which only evaluates to true if bananas !== ‘green’.

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Exactly, so why did it say #2 was right?

NVM I’m dumb :joy: sorry!

No stress. Easy to misinterpret.

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Hey, @E_Thompson. This quiz looks a little bit hard which you choose which code will print out ‘Let’s make banana bread’. However, you picked a wrong answer, the wrong answer is: bananas = ‘green’; and numberBananas = 10;.
Let me show you how it returns both True and False:
let num;
Print(num === 5);
This will return True because num variable is 5.

Print(5 !== 5);
This will return False because 5 !== 5 is not true, they are both equal.

Let me show you an answer:

Hope this helps!

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