Bake a Cake explainer

dont bully me :c i got lost here

im just gonna try copy paste my way out of this 1

Edit: Pro tip did not work

Edit^2:Ben il mail u a donuts if u can explain this to me

Hey there, thanks for the donuts offer, but I’m sweet enough already.

Your ingredients variable is storing one long string. It may have commas between the words, but it’s just one single string.

Delete the string and press the [] button to create an array. Then on each line inside the array, press the str button to add a new string. You’ll need 2, maybe 3 strings inside the array to complete the puzzle.

It will look like this:

var ingredients = [

Hope this helps!

Your ingredient strings should each be listed on their own lines without the \ like:


Hey there,

Add each string individually to the array using the str button. Right now you have one string in the array. Click on the underline in the array, then click str. By the end, your array should look like this:

var ingredients: [

Hope this helps!

it says that there are not enough ingredients.

This does not make sense at all I did it correctly and it didn’t think so