Backpack Mistake explainer

I overthought this so much it is almost embarrassing.

What is the mistake?



You’re a legend. Immediately I read your explanation, I didn’t try twice more.

This is correct or wrong

not sure what the issue is i was able to get the content of the otherBackpack to print

I solved it by copying someone’s answer here but i dont understand at all.
How did u get those crackers, raisins, chocolates???

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Thanks this does help.

can you tell me that why Braces and string keys are not shown to me…

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I can’t understand why all codes are not available in my keyboard such as braces and string…

I think it’s making it much harder to understand by hiding codes which run before the codes we write.

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Please how you solve the input and outputs function

The solution for this is very simple. Just add an option to view the hidden code. It is not overwhelming to see the code. But it is definitely overwhelming trying to make sense of something not available when you’re a learner.

Please take it into consideration.

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I can’t seem to get pass this stage

I was confused too, but I was thinking I had to write additional code to create the food (object), and was frustrated because there were no buttons to do that. You don’t have to create the object, it’s already created. You just need to access it in the for…of loop.