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During these sessions members of the Grasshopper team will be online answering your questions! These questions can be related to the Grasshopper Curriculum, to career advice, or to anything that you think would be helpful to you and your software journey. Be on the lookout for an in-app notification telling you when the next one will be, and pointing you to the post where we will be answering questions.


I will be done with very soon. So, where do go from here as to improve and be marketable?

Are there any plans for adding other languages to the grasshopper platform?

Are there any plans for adding other languages to the grasshopper platform

Can you add more detail to the explanation regarding a new topic. I’m a beginner and this has really caught my interest.


I noticed the certificates downloaded on desktop do not carry date of completion, please kindly fix, thanks.

How the F can u pass the third unit??? i need help please

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saludos, quisiera por favor que alguien me ayudara a comprender el funcionamiendo y el proceso del “for…of” en un array?
de numeros

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no se resolver el ejercicio de Darle forma

Yes, they have a completion date

Estoy trabado en Animaciones II en el ejercicio de Miedo Escénico ayuda por favor

alguém me ajuda nisso, to tentando mas não to consguindo

Me ajuda no “tamanho da tela” do introdução a entrevista.

Hey I have a question regarding the way we call the variable x after we do an increment and decrement. For example X= X + 5 print(‘now X is’, +X) i want to ask why we add + before X??

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Grasshopper es como un kindergarden, luego la Elementary School es
Avanzar con paciencia por que este campo de la programación es tan extenso como la selva amazónica y nuestro tiempo y recursos es como nuestro caballo.

¿Aún necesitas ayuda?

El + es como un eslabón que empata una cadena de texto con otro valor o con otra cadena de texto.

Now complete the practice and everything and…
I couldn’t go up from n

¿Como creo un cuadro de color negro?

Please how do I get to know the exact function of all the functions and keys on the app so as to increase my understanding of the courses???