Ask Grasshopper Anything Session 1 (8/20/2020)

Welcome to our first session of Ask Grasshopper Anything! Feel free to ask questions related to the Grasshopper Curriculum, to career advice, or to anything that you think would be helpful to you and your software journey below! @Grasshopper_Eric, @Grasshopper_Ben, @Grasshopper_Natalie and @Grasshopper_Heather will be around form 9AM-11AM PST to answer any questions that you might have.

Example Questions:

  • What was your path to Google?

  • Can you explain recursion a little bit more?

  • What are some ways that I could improve my software skills once I finish Grasshopper?


What are some areas of software dev that are in demand right now? Any tips on positioning myself in the field and good areas to focus on or how to choose a focus that matches one’s skills?

I love coding and have dabbled in a bunch of areas/languages but don’t have a good feel for the field as a whole or what jobs are out there


I was wondering if any of you have heard/attended the 42 programming college. And if you have what are your thoughts on it (does it look well in the curriculum for example) and how hard do you think it is to be accepted.


I am really interested about the “What was your path to Google”. Also, What is the future of grasshopper(future courses, etc…).


Desert island disks, coding edition, if you could ever only code in 3 languages and be successful doing so, which would they be?


Oh well, I’m just 16. I’m going to be waiting for next Ask Grasshopper Anything. I will be on my code education in 2 weeks if covid doesn’t mess it up…


Are you planning more content for Grasshopper?


How open are the coding companies to middle age career changers?


What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen someone do with their Grasshopper education?


Hi, I would like to know what are the knowledge application of the content learning with the application Grasshopper? I mean, what we’re going to be able to do after finishing the course.


How do nontraditionally educated people stand up in the job environment? Are they passed up for job opportunities, or are they on par with traditionally educated people. I’m in tech school for computer programming/software engineering and looking at my course work and comparing to 4 year Universities, I am getting much more technical knowledge. However looking at potential jobs every entry level is wanting bachelor’s degrees or above.


I’m planning to build an app with Spotify and Uber like UI and location tracking features. Which languages should I learn and what steps should I take to do this?


What are the odds for foreigners of non-English speaking countries who are absolute beginners in landing a remote junior position as a 1st programming job?

  1. What are some ways that I could improve my software skills once I finish Grasshopper?
  2. What are the career opportunities available after completing grasshopper

How to get a job at google without a degree ?


How does coding affect my career of reading medicine at the University and how does it increase my chances of being unique, because I love the both almost at the same rate.

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I want to know what s your path to a career in google?

Also I am interested to create offline apps (will you make a tutotral for that?) An offline app allows user interaction and syncs automatically when online


What are some ways that I could improve my software skills once I finish Grasshopper?


Is there a method to obfuscate javascript code to protect the ip/competitive advantage of online dev thats utilized in the browser.

With dart being the equivalent of javascript, with the added benefit of classes, could one in any way utilize flutter for the web to obfuscate the code used in any way.

I ask this as dart is in many ways has been designed on the same principles of javascript. It might even be described as a better “javascript”

So could that or any other method be used to protect the ip of javascript used in the browser.

The competitive advantage between entities is a key principle that businesses use to differentiate themselves in the market place.

How would you protect that advantage and the code used in online web dev when using javascript ?

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I have learned about the different aspects of web development, what is a good way to put it all together to actually understand it and get new ideas what to play with?