App not syncing between devices

I use the app on my tab and cell phone, but my level is not syncing properly between the two devices.

So my cell phone is always 4 - 5 lessons behind.

Thanks for letting us know about this. If you log out and back in on the lagging device, your account should sync to the database. As long as the device with the most progress has connected to the internet, the database should be synced to the newest unlocked puzzle.

If this doesn’t work, please send a bug report through the app and we’ll be able to fix it. Thanks!


Hi, I’m way ahead in my Mac browser and in this app it’s not moving.
I have loged out a few times but it’s the same.

Hey there, sorry to hear about the issue. If your progress hasn’t synced at all since you began using the desktop site, it sounds like there could be two separate accounts created.

Try submitting a bug report on both desktop and through the app. This should give us the information we need to look up both accounts and see what might be causing the problem.

On the app, tap the menu button and navigate to the Settings page. Then select “Report a Bug”.

On the website, tap the 3-dot menu to the left of the Example Solution, then select “Send Feedback”.

Hope to get this resolved for you soon!


@Grasshopper_Ben - do you know why there is a difference between the app version and the desktop? On the app, I have completed FUNDS1, FUNDS2, and just started Intro to Interviewing. On the desktop, I have FUNDS1, FUNDS2, and the next class is Web development. A little worried over here.

Hey there,

For the initial launch of our desktop/web version, our curriculum focuses on the new Intro to Web Development course, as it teaches skills and uses an editor that is best experienced on a desktop.

This course requires knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals, so we added support for the Fundamentals I and II courses as well.

Additional courses from the mobile app, such as Animations, Interviewing, and Array Methods, will eventually appear on the web version, but right now they aren’t supported, as they use certain features that still need to be built in to the website’s editor. We’ll also be creating new courses in the next few months, so you can stay tuned for that as well.

Hope this explains things!