App issues: score and web sync

Greetings. I’m having two problems.

My score (not that it really matters that much) is stuck at the value it had when I finished Fundamentals II. I can increase it…but then it reverts to the stuck value once I use the app again.

Also the app and the webpage won’t sync, so any progress I’ve made in the app won’t be reflected in my account when I log in via webpage.

I’ve got the issue of the ‘out of sinc’ but for me it was the app that did not follow the webpage. This happened one or two times, but it just sinc itself automatically, just leave the app and re-open(maybe).

Signing out from the web or closing the app did not solve anything.

I reinstalled the app…which made it worse. The app synced with the web, so I LOST part of my progress! No matter what I do in the app, the score always reverts to 447 when I open it again.

Advancing in the app does not sync on the web. Advancing in the web does sync on the app, though no points are awarded.

You should report a bug.