Any hope of complete skill?

The going isn’t easy with the coding…
But are we assured that after completing this course we’re good to go with any form of coding,or we’ll have to do extra stuff to gain the full knowledge and entire skill on coding??

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There are different coding languages, so JS will not allow you to do any kind of coding. Is what what you are asking?

I mean since there are other coding languages, can we still apply the knowledge we gain from JavaScript in other coding languages??
Secondly, do I still need to learn HTML and CSS to be able to create a modern website??
Third, after this course, I’m going to gain all knowledge about JavaScript or there are other parts not included in this course??
It’s a little bit lengthy but I seriously need clarification please…:pray:

Hello, @Grasshopper_Ben can you give some answers, please?

For the first part, the answer is no. There may be one or two codes that are the same but it’s like normal languages, like French and English, there are words that are the same(like ‘‘skateboard’’) but you can’t speak in English with someone who speaks french.

For the second part, I think so for the HTML. This is because I’ve checked the code source of two websites and they both use HTML. For the CSS I have no clue.

For the third part, the answer is no, they teach only what we need to know in order to get started.

Hey there,

Grasshopper teaches JavaScript, but there are also some fundamental skills in programming that apply to most, if not all programming languages. For example, functions, for loops, if statements, etc…

Let’s say you want to write a function that iterates over a string and prints out each letter individually. Languages have different syntax and keywords, so it’s not like you can open up a Python file and just start writing JavaScript code. However, you’ll solve the problem using the same fundamental skills:

  1. Loop over the string.
  2. On each loop, call a function that prints the current letter.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello, I have a question.
I downloaded visual studio and there is no console to display whatever my code is doing. After writing the code what I mine suppose to do with it?

Hey there,

VS Code is a great editor for writing code, but it doesn’t have an environment for running code built in to it. You could probably find an extension that allows you to run code, however I don’t have any specific recommendations.

What might be easier is just running your code in the web browser by opening the browser dev tools and finding the code console.

You could also try exploring Node.JS, which allows you to run JavaScript outside the browser. However, setting this up as a beginner can be a little tricky, and will require some familiarity with using a command-line interface.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I will look at the browser console.

I have downloaded Node.js too and I’m going to learn how to use it because right now it’s just a black screen for me :sweat_smile:

Oh! I see now for the node, the console is the same interface where I wrote my codes and not seperate as in the app.