Animations accepting before checking result

When practicing coding for animations I have to toggle back, instead of continue, to actually check my coderesults.
Apparently the congratulations overrule actions connected too animation events. The app checks the code.
As a coder I prefer to test my work, or see its results, before being congratulated. You never know which ghost you have put in the machine, if you do not check or test the code.
Thank you.

Hi @myCodingJourney,

Thanks for the feedback! I agree it’s not the best experience when you’re creating an interactive output. We’re actively working on figuring out the best way to indicate that you’ve successfully completed the puzzle while allowing you to see/interact with your code.

Thanks again for the feedback,
H :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for that response, grasshopper Heather. Nice to know you are working on this with your team. Makes me happy to see improvement openness.

You all are doing a stunningly great job in my humble opinion. If I may make some more remarks to help it that would be great.

I have experienced testing to be a basic skill to help learn coding. If one is totally new to the experience this may be a challenge. So the way it is done in the coding lessons is good.

It is a feedback principle. Stepping back into a lesson with known faulty code helps me understand, better, what I am doing. One can read more of the good helping comments you, the grasshopper team, have put in.

Apparently, the understanding of animations coding is also built up over steps, which also creates feedback.

However, sometimes I allow time between steps, because of some concerns in life. That would mean a faulty assumption would be held. This could become an obstacle more easily. A hindrance in learning how to code. This is why I want to check my animations solutions myself, and not just let the app do it.

In this feedback sense of learning, I would always prefer a lesson to not be ended unless tested.

Tjirp tjirp,

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