All Colors (native secret code) of drawBox

Hey guys this is my images! See this

And see this website all colors in hex and rgb
All done See all things:

a: // amber
b: // blue
c: // cyan
d: // dandelion
e: // ebony
f: // flame
g: // green or grey?
h: // honeydew
i: // indingo
j: // jade
k: // key or black?
l: // lime
m: // magenta
n: // navy
o: // orange
p: // pink
q: // quartz
r: // red
s: // smoke
t: // teal
u: // umber
v: // violet or purple?
w: // white
x: // xanadu
y: // yellow
z: // zinfandel

My colors needs by drawBox() and drawBoxes()

Bye guys!

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Oh it's markdown! Let's make a bread
Rosy and roses are sending for Rose
Cut the carrot chops and broccoli chops

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