Age Restriction

I used to use Google Grasshopper with Middle School students before the pandemic, it’s an excellent tool for students to learn coding. I recommended a student try this today and found that it is blocked on our edu domain. Further research discovered this is due to this tool somehow being age restricted for students under 18 AND that this ‘bug’ has been know for a few years by the Grasshopper team.

What sort of timeline are we looking at to have this issue resolved?

It’s clearly designed for students, but somehow fixing this has not been prioritized?? Please fix this NOW so schools can resume using this excellent learning resource!

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In the mean time, take a look at:
Scratch by MIT. It’s AWESOME but it’s graphics are more appealing to elementary students (my guess) May rise your high-school students eyebrows. Maybe your middle graders could find it interesting enough?

Roblox, (LUA, Python… building games for roblox can be a great experience and they’ve gotTEACHING RESOURCES)

or codecombat dot com (will eventually need a premium account).

There are many more resources online, but these are some of my favorites and did not wish to clog the post replies section. If any of these turn useful let me know, if you’re looking for some other kind of resources, let me know as well for I didn’t share all of them!

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