After Grasshopper

After I complete Grasshopper what are some things to learn more advanced or intermediate coding. I want to learn everything I can about coding so I can code my own programs on PC or a website but I can’t afford a formal education for programming at a college.


Hey Steven!

Check out Career Karma! They provide access to a number of coding bootcamps like Lambda, Thinkful, Flatiron, etc. A number of them look to invest in their students and have ISA program, which enables you to go through the bootcamp without paying a dime until you start make around 50K as a software engineer. Even then, the school only asks for a small percentage of your earnings each month! If you’re interested or you want to check it out, you can follow the link that says Career Karma down below! They also have a hashtag on Twitter for the 21 day challenge they have! #21dayCkChallenge

Career Karma


That’s a good idea I’ll keep that in mind but coding is just a hobby for now. What I want is a program, internet resource or website that teaches more advanced coding.

P.S. Grasshopper is great. I’ve been looking for something like it for a longtime but everything I found was to complicated.

1 Like has a great resource of introductory to intermediate lessons focused on web technologies (so uses the JavaScript you’ve learned in Grasshopper!).

And @Paris_Lopez’s suggestion is also great if you ever become interested in taking your hobby to the next level; Career Karma is a fantastic community that helps support you through your coding education journey.

H :slight_smile:


Thank you, that’s what I was looking for!

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I was curious if when finished with this tutorial/class, does the developers help you try to find an entry level position somewhere or even a certificate stating you did the basics for JavaScript? If not, that would be a great suggestion.

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does the grasshopper certificates have any value in the job market?

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