Access entire glossary?

Is there a way to access the entire glossary? It would be super helpful to have as a resource to be able to pull it up and refresh our minds.
I REALLY like how you have the glossary laid out here with not only the explanation, but with example code and what exactly that code will produce.
I’d like to be able to play in the playground with my own code, but would love to be able to access the entire glossary for help if I need it.

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Hey there, I’m glad to hear that the feature is helpful!

There is a way to access all of the concepts that you’ve learned thus far, but not all of the concepts in the app (unless you complete all of our content and unlock everything).

You can either tap on the trophy icon and view the concepts under “Concepts Unlocked” or “JavaScript Keys Used”, or you can navigate to the dashboard from the app’s main menu (the “hamburger” menu in the top-left of the screen).

Also, on the code keyboard, you can swipe all the way to the right, and then tap “explore glossary”.

Hope this helps!

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Very helpful.thank you.