About code finales

Hey GH team!

I am really enjoying the app, and I’m on a 7th day streak right now. The UI is amazing and I really like the code bubbles and the interactive tips.
But i’ve Managed to find some fundamental aspect that you missed or either didn’t implement yet.

As I’m running my code and it has some bugs or wrong syntax somewhere, my compiler will know to help me with checking some lines, but when the code works and everything is 100% the grasshopper will come by and let me advance or see and manage my code. I believe you chose that approach because it makes the level movement feel like a breeze and can be fun to play in succession but in my opinion it’s promoting a goal driven practices and putting less weight on process understanding and figuring why did that work.

I would love to be able to see the code work before I advance to the next level, so I can know it’s immaculate and understand better how this level works and behave.
Maybe even a quick unsupervised debugger, that would make new coders feel a lot
More professional mostly in the higher levels.

Thanks a lot for your time
Gal S

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Hey @G4L,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking into adjusting the completion flow for puzzles and your feedback is valuable for our prioritization.

H :slight_smile:

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