A11y enforcement

Hello world,
I was looking for a way to introduce coding to my 12yo son… And oh man ! Was I blown away by this app on javascript lessons ! That is the way ! Not as I learned it at school myself 20years ago. I became an instant fan of grasshoper.
So I have to point out something, really annoying, and worst totally impactful on visually disabled users.
This is with the utmost respect that I suggest a slight Modification which could help many more people to enjoy grasshopper : :pray: Please check every contrasts between background and font colors because there is a few choices that are really not enough for user to read the content. I join a screen for example.
I keep myself available for the GH creators and community for any further advices on the subject. (Since an inclusive, accessible and civilized world is my fight)
Thank you by advance you Amazing developpers of this Great learning tool !

Accessibly yours,