A Little More Change explainer

My code looks just like the solution code and is outputting the same as the example solution. There seems to be a bug. I’m getting this error even though the variable is created.

" Inside the inBaht function declaration, create a variable using the let keyword. Name the variable baht ."

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@Soud_Talukder @Bhargav_Desai

Hey there, try posting a screenshot and I can take a look.


I found my mistake. I misspelled baht. Spelled it “bhat”.

Although it was my mistake in my opinion I think the lesson should still allow the student to proceed since a variable is a generic term.

i need help solve this

please help us
please help us with this problewm

Hi there,

Happy to help! If you post a screenshot of your code I can take a look at what the issue might be :smile:



My code looks exactly like sample code solution and the result also matches with the expected result, still I see the message "the inBaht function declaration, create a variable using the let keyword. Name the variable baht"

Can some one please assist?

Hello Natalie,

Please take a look at the code and advise what is wrong here …


Hey there,

Thanks for posting the screenshot :smiley:
Looks like it’s a small error with capitalization. Change the name of your variable from Bhat to bhat (lowercase b).



it worked, such a small thing …good learning though
thank you Natalie


I don’t understand this exercice

could somebody pls help?

Hey there, your code is valid, but the puzzle is looking for a variable called baht, and you’ve spelled it bhat. Renaming the variable should solve the problem.

Hope this helps!

This is so hard i need help

never mind i got it :eyeglasses: :sunglasses:

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Need help…
can anybody help?

the first part

@Grasshopper_Natalie ? can u help me? :pleading_face:

Hey there, you’re returning a string that has the text 'baht', and not the variable baht. That’s why the console.log() statement is printing the text 'baht Thai baht'.

Try deleting the string, and using the baht key on the code keyboard.

Hope this helps!

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The system will not allow me to enter the response, it is not recognizing the correct response.