A game about programming on the Ps4

https://youtu.be/m3S14_RzoII . I think there is a possibility that some of you will want to play this game.


Very cool! There are a number of PC games about programming that you can check out as well, including:

  • Human Resource Machine
  • Shenzen I/O
  • TIS-100
  • Minecraft

Thanks, I’ll check those. I have a small question though, how is Minecraft related to programming?

I haven’t actually played Minecraft myself, but I know that Microsoft has put quite a bit of effort into using the game to teach programming. You can check out their Hour of Code activity.

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Oh! I didn’t know about that version of Minecraft. There was a time I thought Minecraft was just a survival game, but from allowing censored journalism to be available around the globe to teaching programming, this game is clearly more than that.

For those interested here’s a YouTube link to a video about this uncensored Minecraft’s library: https://youtu.be/_7j-Ynup6BM

The game itself is a great way to play Multiplayer and Singleplayer, but it can also teach you programming in multiple ways.

  1. The game has to be coded somewhat, and Minecraft is no exception!

  2. There are modes made for learning to program. (I haven’t tried this yet)

  3. Try downloading a mod for making “mods” (they basically give you the developer ability for the whole code the game has) [I haven’t tried this yet]

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The third thing in your list are for advance programmers.

Hello, I was wondering why is this project called grasshopper? :thinking:

Good question! The name is a reference to Grace Hopper, who is one of the major pioneers of computer programming.

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Oh! That’s nice to know.
It’s kinda “funny” how close her name is to grasshopper.:slightly_smiling_face: