A Basic Button explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Create a button using the HTML <button> tag.

Walkthrough of the solution: The HTML starter code has 3 elements inside the <body>: an <img>, then a <button>, then another <img>. The goal of this lesson is to create another button below the 2nd picture.

In the HTML tab, add a new set of tags at the bottom of the <body>. You will need a start and end tag that say <button> and </button>. Between those 2 tags, you can add some text that will appear on the button. For example, <button>Click Right Here</button>.

Sample code solution:
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        <img src='../../static/images/playingFetch.gif' alt='dog playing fetch'>
        <button>click here!</button> 
        <img src='../../static/images/llama.jpg' alt='picture of a llama'>
        <button>click here!</button>
body {
  background-color: rgb(255, 250, 250);

img {
  width: 175px;
  height: auto;

HTML Concepts: HTML element, <html>, <body>, <button>